Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 09 - ONE MORE DAY!

Had a weird dream just this morning about TOto. For some reason, TOto is never coming home, and Hubba bought me a new Black Westie/Scotty puppy. But once I brought the puppy home, it becomes a bulldog/Pittbull terrier mixed. I was devastated and keep thinking of TOto. I kept crying and crying in my dream because I know my 'new pup' will not try to understand me like what TOto used to do; tilting his head left and right ...

When we want to bring the new dog back to the petshop for an exchange, it was stated in my contract that I bought a WELSH terrier! I was like WTF? More thoughts of TOto, and starts crying again ...

The environment aka air is really dirty inside the cubicle, my face now has alot of explainable itchy bumps on my chin line! My eyes is dry and itchy and all RED from the fan. Dirty air + fan = allergy breakout! Arrghhhhhhhhh, one more day to FREEDOM!

More handstripping, more trimming ...
Daddeee shall has to cut his nail nail tomorrow and maybe a bubble shower and he is already for collection on Thursday morning 10am!

My momsie aka TOto's granny commented,"WAH why trim until so short, so ugly!" 
"Hahaha SG so warm mah, so trim as much as possible lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr".

This little personal outdoor run will be what TOto missed the most!
He already think this IS HIS OWN PERSONAL playgroun, and barks at any one who even remotely trying to get CLOSE! Like WTH, hahahaha ....

TOto is seldom THAT territorial!
His own personal playground.
We will have to drive to Bishan for a dog run for TOto!
But a 10 minutes fetch and he is DRY UP and had enough ...

Today he VOLUNTEER to go back into his room only after 10minutes!
He was loitering by the gate, letting us know he has had ENOUGH.
Back in the room, it's all TLC of trimming, grooming and more handstripping.
Hoping to thin his thick coat ...
TOto trying to nap nap on my big fat thigh, Hubba says it's such a awkward position~
But TOto did, slept for a while in this awkward position!

Nope TOto not today, soon soon ...

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