Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raw Food Diet?

TOto seems to have lost so much weight during Quarantine, and he has blood in his stool the first few days. We were worried sick but we tried to put it off because we don't want to create too much hoohaa just incase it might delay his 'released', luckily the blood stop a few days after. So we put it to too much stress from the Vaccination shots, Flying and the quarantine.

The quality of his fur was bad too, so brittle and dry! Alot of fur was being SHAVED off from him when MrK brought him in for Grooming, I was devastated but I understand, TOto must be matted very badly. Alot of effort to restore TOto back to his former glory!

Which is why, I am determined to put him on raw diet. I realised there are so much variety of 'RAW DIET' nowadays. There are the BARF, the Meat and bones, the Prey Model etc. And then there are the commercial types which consist of Frozen and the Freeze dried patties (?). There are so much different theories and beliefs online, it's overwhelming!! But then as compare to 3-4 years ago, recently we can find so much information online especially YOUTUBE where people show you HOW to prepare their own version of the a Raw food diet. 

So I decide to DIY and JUST DO IT!
There is no point in delaying anymore because I am scared, I really believe that a raw diet or a homecooked meal will be so much better than KIBBLES for TOto! I want him to live FOREVER! Cross finger everything will just work out in the end.

Our first morning walk in Singapore!
There is so much trees here, hahaha.
So much distraction!

And we have to take a LIFT!
TOto thinks the lift is like Petsmart Sensor Door, hahaha.
I tried out a Pork Knuckle, a drumstick and a Chicken Minced on the first day!

He was so lazy, he tried to break the drumstick into half and swallow it. Lucky I discover it in time and force open his jaw and PULL out the WHOLE drumstick! He tackle the Pork Knuckle like a champ but gotten lazy with the Chicken drumstick, hmmmpff!
It's easy to make him eat on the towel as well, mess free!

So far he is doing ok, and when I am outside and it's past his dinner time; I would just pop in a grocery store and buy a piece of Chicken Breast meat, cut it up and it's his dinner. Hopefully I can get some internals next week for TOto to try it out soon! 

Duck wings next ... 

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