Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Anesthesia-Free Tartar Scaling for TOto at home

We tried to brush TOto teeth as often as we can, but still there are times in TOto's life that we cannot do it. Especially this year, he was left with MrK for almost 3 months, and his teeth was very badly buildup with Tartar.

Daddeee didn't have he heart to send him to a dentist because he read too much HORROR stories about Dogs not waking up from Anesthesia! So unless it's life and death situation we really hate to put TOto throught a Anesthesia surgery!

SO daddeee tried to read up and watch Youtube video; bought a Scaler from and here he goes!
We tried on about 4 teeth and was actually very successful and removed most of the Tartar that was built-up at the GUM!

These photographs are taken at HALF TIME break ...
Mammeee big fat thigh is TOto's surgery table!
Will be doing more next week ...
The Tartar just dropped out like Cement!

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