Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 04 - Face trim

I don't know whether it gets better or worst, but after each session we felt soooooooooooo drained.
The most difficult part is when we are leaving, TOto will start to 'anticipate' with JOY but when he realised he is NOT leaving with us; the scene is heartbreaking. It has become so difficult,but we still has to 'harden' our heart and LEAVE and then comes back again tomorrow knowing how everything will end.

Arggggggggggghhhhhh 6 more days!
Same day next week we will be fetching TOto HOME.

Same as every day, once we reached we bring TOto out for a RUN!
But the weather here is so warm, he drank ALOT of water ...
AND STILL wants to run!
Poop twice in a short period of time ...
He got eat so much meh?

Yeah TOto, daddeee has to pick your shit!
Trim his neck and face.
Left with his body, butt and tail.
Bro and gf will be visiting him on Saturday, so got to bath him on friday; make sure he doesn't STINK!
Daddeee says his face has shrunk and he is now a SCHNAUZER!!
TOto's cubicle has no view.
The other side cubicle faces the dog run but the CON of facing the run will be WEST SUN. It gets kinda of warm/hot. So the PRO of TOto's side will be it is shielded thus cooler ...
TOto neck become smaller so daddeee has to resize his collar making sure he doesn't SLIP out.
We heard TOto only gets walk once a day in the morning, and there isn't any staffs in the Quarantine at night.
So sad!

So we usually sneak a quick walked out for TOto to pee during the last half hour.
Another heart-wrenching 分离!
6 more days ...


  1. 6 days! not long now :) time will pass quickly! can't wait till you bring TOto all over SG!

  2. Hello! My cat Bart will go to the quarantine for a month in the end of July.
    And he will stay in the room without air conditioning.
    Was your lovely puppy felt fine with the room condition?
    I am so much worrying about my cat with hot weather in the quarantine , summer.

    Thank you! have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Lucia,
      I can't say he like it but he survived. We bring cleaners and doggy safe insecticides to clear out the room for him once we are able to! There's a wall fan in the cubicle and TOto was lucky there wasn't any direct sunlight. :)

      GOod luck to you and ur kitty!