Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bye bye Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station!

After 10 days, I think my face suffered the MOST!
The dry dirty air has caused a outbreak on MY FACE, arrrghhhh ~

We were right ON TIME and we requested to have TOto weigh; and he weighed 8.8kg!
HEY what a coincidence, released on 8/8 and weighing at 8.8kg~

Signed a document, and TOto was brought out to us in his crate on a trolley ...
NO meat, eggs and animals from Malaysia!
And he is just desperate to GET OUT!

He is too used to the American life, he kept going to the right side of the car!

And my view will not be the same with pointy two ears~
Finally he is with us and in MY LAP!

Brought him on his first evening walk in Singapore ~
Luckily it is a rather cool and breezy day ...

He is so lost on the first day, we know he is very tired but he still don't know where he can sleep safely. 
Even on OUR BED, he is still trying to find his place.

But we still managed to sneak out and had a cup of coffee and watched a movie!


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