Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 10 - FINALLY!

TOto has really starts to settle down and accepted his 'schedule' here in AVA but we have to change his environment AGAIN! 

But it will be a good change, and TOto shall be with us FINALLY! 
A tough tough reunion, I am just glad everything is OVER and behind us and we are finally together again ...

Brought TOto a SMOKED Spare rib to waste some time, plus Daddeee trimmed TOto's nail nail and mammeee brushed TOto too.

TOto has gotten so used to AVA Sembawang, he treat the small dog run; HIS PERSONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY! I guess the privacy we had at the 15minutes dog run will be what ALL OF US missed when TOto leaves the Quarantine!

Look how he comfortable he feels in this tiny field ...

Doing his DOGA Stretcccccccccccccch!
Reward TOto with a SMOKED SPARE RIB!
For some unknown reason, he wants to chew his spare rib in privacy!
YA, TOto one LAST DAY ok!


We finally reached the END of the longest TEN days journey of our lives!
It's the start of 7th month, hopefully he don't see any "Good Brothers!!"~

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