Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Birthday Party, Bishan Dog Park & Canopy Garden Dining @ Bishan

TOto is invited to a REAL birthday Party!
He performed really well, and tolerated all the kids who 'tried' him.
We are very proud of him!
Even the two birthday babies loved him ...
The birthday girl with the ahgong who LOVE TOto and very much amused by TOto! 
She will just break into giggles and laughter looking at TOto!
After the party we brought TOto to Bishan Dog park, it was bigger than I thought and there was a good mix but not many 'playing' dogs around. So sad ...
BUT there is a barking Corgi around, TOto wants to play with him but the Corgi gets too barky for TOto ...

We will sure come back again SOON!
It was a windy day at the restaurant, and TOto was too tired!
He actually slept most of the time away!
I bought a piece of Chicken Breast Meat for him, and he had the dinner right at the restaurant.
And for the Human food ...
Deep fried Salmon skin!
Chilli Crab spaghetti is GOOD!
White wine mussel ...
We can find big bites of lobster from the Lobster Spaghetti but I wonder are they just prawn meat. 
Buddies also ordered a pizza to share, I find it okok.
We wanted to move over to Macdonalds but they don't accept pets, so sad!
He came home to lick the new Turtle to sleep!

Nite nite ...

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