Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station Day 06 - Singapore 1st 2 Visitors!

Took me 5-6hours to upload a small video!!!
"Guess what mammeee did to me today?"

It was one of the warmest day since TOto arrived!
Bro and gf spend about an hour with him, and TOto accepted Bro and Gf almost immediately! I WONDER WHY!? TOto quite like Gf too, because she pretty with LONG LEGS, TOto like long leggy girls! And TOto keep bringing his favourite ball ball back to her! Hahaha ~

After they left, TOto was sooooooooooooo tired and this is the first time we see TOto napping his his crate. He is still worried and refused to sleep initially, he walked in and was nodding off in a SITTING position. It took him quite some time before he felt secured enough to just nap abit but we know he dare not really sleep because he kept opening his eyes.

We let him rest a little before I ...

Starts to handstrip him!!!
It's better to MESS up his quarantine room, than to find a place to strip him after he is released! And there is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH fur to strip off. Gosh, but I was quick ...

He is HAPPY, no complains!

Almost LOST 1/3 of his bulk compare to when he just arrived!
He cannot wait for me to finish and hide back inside his crate to nap!
BUT daddeee disturb TOto again because he needs to apply gel to his teeth ...

This is the first time we left him without him WHINING or STRUGGLING.
He is still in his crate when we left, but we heard him leaving his crate and coming to the door to sniff the edge. But no struggles and no whining ...
Finally he feels secure enough to let us go, knowing that we will definitely come back for him. But sadly, we cannot visit him. I wonder will he realised that we didn't come for him for ONE day!

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