Monday, September 23, 2013

Voices for Animals Adoption Drive

I was curious and we took a drive down; 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2!
It was consider a rather huge event in Singapore? There were also a Collection drive for kids in Cambodia so lots of people were driving in dropping the donations and then crowding around the area. From my understanding all the dogs are exbreeding dogs that cannot be breeding anymore.
And I saw this female westie, my heart almost popout, I WANT HER!
And I think her name is Lala from the website I see ...
There were a few handsome westie boys too BUT these boys cannot be with other boys!
And while I was there a Westie boy by the name Logan was adopted.
So happy!
*clap clap*
Saw a Shiba Inu too.
Lotsa of maltese, tzetsu, chihuahua around ...
I guess these are the more popular dogs in Singapore which explains why ...
I am really interested in adopting Lala but there are alot of other issues to consider. 
Adoption is very different from getting a new puppy, one can never guess the underlying issues (pyschologically and physically) they have. And with YQ flying about, is it difficult to have another westie? Can I handle two? Who should sit on my lap? Hmmmmm ...

Anyway, we brought TOto to the U Petgamart next door with a dog park for dogs to run in!
TOto ran and played a while with a few furryfriends.
The dog park is actually rather clean ...

By the time we are going home, TOto is knocked out.
It was so hot, I have to shade him in the car!

And worst of all, there is a huge jam while going home!
Lala should I come get you?

I realised you can only adopt or visit the furrykids during their adoption drive, so I can only go see her again next on their next adoption drive. So sad ... It's not right, I think the adoptee should really spend some time with the furrykids before we make a decision and especially if I already have a furryboy and will want to see whether they can be together ...

Plus their medical condition are all indicated as 'UNKNOWN'. 
What if people adopted a sick furrykids and then cannot afford the medical bills?
Hmmmm ...

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