Wednesday, September 18, 2013

B2K Yishun Warehouse Sale!

We cannot miss a Warehouse sale especially for PET!
We wanted to look for some eye solution, toys, or whatever we can find them CHEAP!
There were messy and in boxes so you have to dig your hands in boxes and dust! I couldn't handle that so I just take care of TOto!
The lady boss were very impressed with TOto hahaha and call him a BIG DOG! She was impress TOto didn't bark and was doing his own stuffs and didn't bother anyone!
TOto were the only dog there and the staffs were not bothered by him!
Nothing much we can buy, dog bowls are huge, crates are  way too small.
TOto eat Raw diet, and only home made treats so there isn't much we wants.
There were boxes of my favourite ME-to-YOU bear dog's item!
But we managed to grab some stuffs and these are what we gotten!
A shampoo to wash his washcloth, 2 pull toys and a collar.
The dental treats are given to us, maybe we can gift it to Oska; a friend new puppy Shiba! 

TOto need more toys!

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