Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally at Sentosa and a Video-dip at Sentosa Beach!

For the whole time, TOto is just paranoid of everyone and everything!
Mammeee of course ended up carrying TOto for the whole time ...
He has to keep looking left and looking right; like there are ninjas everywhere!
I just couldn't get a proper picture of him!

Finally ONE photograph of him with Merlion BUT he dare not do it ALONE!

He only starts to relax when he see the beach!
And he already give us the "CAN I" look ...
After we gave the ok command, he just RAN without hesistating ...
Quite a number of people were rather amused and were secretly filming him too, hahaha!
We have to CHARGE $$$ the next time ...

So we are left with Pasir Ris beach and maybe Changi?

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