Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some obvious changes with Raw Diet ...

Look at the new fur growing out of his muzzle, it looks like the discolouration are clearing up!
But then again, has it got to do with the water in Singapore as compared to the water in Texas? 
Well, hmmmmm ...
But it is so obvious that the new fur growing out are all WHITE!

TOto enjoying his bowl of Duck Meat!
Daddeee thinks that the discolouration on his back is getting better too!
There are more white fur growing out and maybe after a session of handstripping, the remaining discoloured fur will be totally removed?
This is a picture when TOto just came back to Singapore ...
Look at the back, his back has this slight beigey-cream tint to it, and we figured that it is in his Gene. But come to think of it, it might be the kibbles?
A recent picture of him looking so much whiter ...
Look at how WHITE he is!

Or is it just the 'WATER' issue?

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