Sunday, September 22, 2013

TOto you are the "Smiliest Westie"!

We don't have a big yard, or a big pool, a big house or a big garden but still we have one of the happiest and smiliest Westie around. Most of the photographs of TOto are of him smiling at me. I am just glad that he is always this happy and worrifree ~

A recent series of TOto's everyday photo ...

Smile and be happy always!

Happy even at a gf house!
How not to love him?

A night out cycling, and TOto gives me a "Mammeee, you call me?"

Behind this Angelic smile is literally behind him, "Mammeee boing boing?"
"NOPE it's 1.30am!"

Happily waiting to run after the ball ...

Just happily enjoying daddeee attention!

Smiling even on a MIDNIGHT walk!
A bonus walk for him to poop ...

Still smiling even when he is being wipe down for his bed time!

How not to love this smiley furryboy!?

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