Friday, September 6, 2013

TOto at a Private Condo Showroom LAUNCH~

TOto not very happy about being woken up at about 8am in the morning, walk, fed and then have to rush out again! You can see the 'moodiness' from his face, hahaha!
We were there to accomapny a friend hor, not buying ourselves hahaha!
TOto's daddeee no $$$.

There were alot of people and my friend have to BALLOT for a QUEUE number!
Duhz ~
TOto is just BORED!
And he is the ONE and ONLY furrykid there!
Maybe the first one in a Condo Launch?
Hahahaha ~
Buying property here feels like buying veggies from supermarket; cannot consider too long or too much! It's either you TAKE IT or, and if you 'PAUSE' for a moment, it's snatched! Like WHAT THE HELL, these are almost a MILLION buckaroos sales! SO stressful, hahaha ...

Later on we brought TOto to Sun Ray cafe again, but mammeee has a bout of food poisoning and has to go home!
But Can see from his face, he is soooooooooooo tired and just plain BORED!
Hahahha ~

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