Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raw Duck Preparation for TOto, and PLAY!

Momsie gotten used to the idea of TOto eating a Raw Diet and has gotten TOto a DUCK! But she says she wnted half for soup, so another half was 'bestowed' to TOto! 

And I was tasked to CHOP UP and SKINned the duck! 
Momsie gotten; Gizzards, livers and the hearts too!
So these are chopped up, weighed and packed nicely into little one meal packet.
Each packet about 100gram, including 5% liver and abit of heart.
Usually I leave out about 3 packets in the fridge and the rest are kept in the freezer!
These are the measured out one portion!
But TOto hates livers and hearts, and would always picked them out! So I figure that if I chopped everything up nicely he is not as choosy, but sometimes he still manages to PICK OUT that tineeeewee bit of liver. Arrrghhhhhh ...

And today I tried feeding him planning raw meat/bones and liver; surprisingly he ate everything! Usually I add Yoghurt to increase his appetite!
Right after his meal, TOto just 'parked' himself on the fall right to boing. 
... waiting and waitng ... 
EYES intently on Daddeee ...
Hahaha he knows hubba finished his meal and is ready to PLAY!
The Play hasn't starts and he is already happily waiting and anticipating ...

How do you not LOVE him?

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