Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raw Diet - Added PORK!

Supposedly TOto's 3rd protein!
I bought 500gram of lean pork for TOto to try it out and added it into his usual mixture. On average TOto has about 1-2 eggs per week. And he LOVES raw egg and always slurp everything up.

(Pork, Chicken drumlett, Chicken gizzard, Chicken Liver, Supplements and a monthly heartworm pill)

Some observation after almost 2months  ...

  • So far he hasn't has any leaky anal gland issues, till now.
  • He also stop having any stomach rumblings issues.
  • He eats everything with vigor without us having to pester him to eat. (But sometimes he did miss a meal or 2 but then it hasn't deter him from having a BIG dinner later.)
  • His mouth doesn't smell as bad like when he ate kibbles!
  • His fur seems to be growing out whiter, and strong. He actually shed lesser when we combs him out.
  • Everyone praises TOto, saying that he didn't have the usual 'Dog Smell'! But he never has that problem, we think! Hmmmmm ....
  • Although he weighs the same but his chest has FILL OUT quite abit, and he looks less lanky.

Some pictures of our happy furryboy!

till NEXT ...

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