Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Westie TOto Raw Diet - Progressing to DUCK meat!

I bought a WHOLE duck and gotten the grocery to chop it up into 10pieces for me, TOto can only eat 200gram a day and split into 2 meals, so it's IMPOSSIBLE to give him a PREY model like what most forum/websites suggest. A duck wing already weighs almost 200 gram and I still has to chop it into 2 parts for his 2 meals!

Oh, PREY MODEL encourages to slowly changes into 1 feed BUT TOto is so used to having his meal after his 2 daily walks, that is like ALMOST impossible too! We tried to feed him BEFORE he goes out for his evening walk, he forgets that he just had dinner and right after washup; he just sat at the kitchen counter and WAIT! SO, changing his meal schedule to once a day, IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyway I try my best for him ...
DUCK is so disgustingly fat, I CANNOT let TOto eat this much of FATS!
So I had to DIY removed the skin, and these makeup 1/3 of the whole duck weight! 


TOto enjoying his Duck Meal ...
I added a egg too, sounds so weird when he tries to SLURP up the egg, hahahaha.
PORK next?

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