Monday, September 16, 2013

Into a Raw diet for almost 1.5 month ...

I realised that if I gave TOto a full part, he will just try to CRUNCH the meat/bone down in a few crunch and then tries to swallow everything; sometimes accidentally choking himself or 'almost' choking himself. A few times I managed to pull it out, hold it for him and then he tries to crunch it slower but if he is doing it by himself he will just crunch crunch crunch and SWALLOW!

So I tried to cut out the meat and then smash the bone, I think he ate better this way!!!
He actually ate slower, sometimes even being picky with the meat, most times picking out the heart and livers that he hate!

Duck meat, Chicken meat, Egg, Chicken liver, yohurt, Seameal

Well more work for me but I think, he gets to savour the meat slowly and then LASTLY chew the bone ...
NOW he refuses to have a part if its too big, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 'PAMPERED!'

So far he is done with his DUCK, reverting back to chicken for 1 week and maybe trying out PORK soon?

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