Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When the weather is better ...

TOto will have a 2 miles walk around the neighbourhood, because Mameee want to lose some winter weight! And usually if TOto walk more, he usually do poopy 2x!

And when he see our apartment from afar, he will get so excited. And because Mameee wants a longer walk, so we will just walked 2 round of the neighbourhood. TOto refused to walk with me! When he see our apartment from afar, he keep turning his head towards the apartment refusing to move! I have to drag him for a LONG way. Even when the apartment is OUT OF sight he is still forcibly sitting down or turning his head to look at the the apartment's direction!

 His way of telling mamee,"YOU are GOING the WRONG WAY!".
I cannot convinced him, we are just going for another 2nd round!!

Dogs do know their way HOME.
At the end of the 2nd round, we slowed down and took some pictures!
Sniff sniff here, sniff sniff there ...
TOto getting impatient again,"Ok Ok ENUFF, CAN we go home NOW, like RIGHT NOW!".
Then turn head look at apartment again!
And as always when we are nearing our apartment compound, he would RUN all the way HOME leading the way!


Why my dog like that one!!???


  1. Lol.. TOto is not the only one who will stare longingly in the direction of home. Maple does the same, too! When we've ended our walk and are approaching our estate, Maple will gallop all the way to the front door (and I'll be the one running behind trying to catch up). I really like the photo of TOto and the dandelion! I haven't seen a dandelion for ages...

  2. Hahaha that is so weird, when they are inside the house they cannot wait to go out and when they are out they cannot wait to reach home!!