Thursday, March 31, 2011

TOto has the run ...

TOto has diarrhea ...
Alot of rumbling and tumblings from his stomach, it was so loud I can hear his stomach growling; and I thought I AM HUNGRY!

His poop is watery, and mucousy and he refused food and water in the morning.
This is not the first time TOto has the diarrhea, and usually he automatically will refuse food and water. So we wait it out, and he ate abit at about 5.30pm. At 7pm when we brought him down, his poop is orangey and alot of mucousy strands. Hubs thought the strands looks like worm ...

Before the last walk, I had Hubs massage the little fella tummy! And when he goes down for his last toilet break Hubs say TOto poop like a human with all the 'Diarrhea sounds'. Hahaha meaning the air in the stomach was massage out. We let him pop 1/4 of pepto bismol before he goes to sleep ...

TOday he flop himself in such a way, his tummy is facing the heater.
Usually his head is right infront!
He is back to his usual self in the morning ...
So off he goes to Daycamp!


  1. When I took care of my friend's westie, this happened one time. He did not even want his favorite snack! He just curled up in my lap and I just sayang him, but I could hear his tummy churning and also I could feel his tummy churning when I put my hands on his tummy. And he also could not really control his diarrhea.

    We brought him to his vet and the vet said that he has indigestion, I think. He said to stop the solid dog food and give him soft ones, like those out of a can. Or can cook plain rice and meat without seasoning. Thankfully after one day of changed diet and major sayang, he was ok! I think maybe all the rubbish also out liao. I think he ate up too much of his chewy bone. :p

  2. That was bad, TOto still can control his diarrhea, didn't lose control. He can still play and do his daily walks so we thought not as serious, but so far after the pepto he seems ok. But today he refused food again, dunno is it becaue he was too tired at daycamp the day before, then evenin poop mucousy again. Headache but other than tat he seems like a normal dog. Orbi good lo, keep eating junk from downstairs, hahaha !

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Mr TOto. Miss Maple had an upset tummy, too. Except, in her case, she was puking all of yesterday. Hmm, maybe there's a bug in the air...

  4. I'm sorry to hear that TOto wasn't feeling welll. Gus used to have mucousy poop often until we realized he had food allergies. I hope it's just a bug and goes away soon!

  5. @Maple' mommy, hopefully Maple feeling better soon!

    @Gus's daddy, Ya we are suspecting maybe it is the new kibble we are feeding him. So we are eliminating that source to test it out.