Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TOto @ Happy.Bark.Days!

Head over to Happy.Bark.Days and read about the The Adventures of Miss. Little Red Maple Leaf and of course the special feature; 'Wednesday Woof' on TOto's special!

Picture credit to Happy.Bark.Day
Maple is a Miniature brown poodle from Singapore adopted by a Canadian momsy, thus the name Little Miss Maple leaf! Do you know, Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog, and they need only to repeat a action 5x to learn! Westies still need to repeat the action 25x! Hahaha nevermind, TOto better be dumber so that we can better CONTROL him, (Evil Laugh) wahahahahaha!

This breed is sooooooooooo POPULAR in Taiwan, you can see them everywhere on the streets! I was so infatuated with these Miniature brown poodles during my short stay in Taiwan, I almost wanted to get them as my pet! There are the cutest!! BUT Hubs would not allow a overly cutesy dog! He says he prefer a MAN's MAN DOG! :P What rubbish!


  1. Hi TOto's momsy! LOL... thank you so much for the publicity - I wasn't expecting that all - it's very kind of you :)

  2. >.- No probs, haha you are the kind one 'Promoting' Toto!

  3. What a captivating photo!!

    Happy Wordless Wednesdays =)

    Erika and Sebastian

  4. We're so glad we found both of your blogs...we enjoy them so much!