Friday, March 11, 2011

Terracotta Army Meatball Biscuits!

TOto loves the first batch of meatball biscuits!
He will catch the biscuits and throw it everywhere around the apartment for fun!
You see him running up and down, throwing the biscuits everywhere and rolling himself on the biscuit!

He has so much fun with just the biscuit alone!!

Healthy, yummmilicioussss treat ...
1 tsp of dough for the smaller ball, 2 tsp of dough for the bigger ball that I will use in Kong.

It is alot of work, but looking at his face makes everything WORTHWHILE!


  1. Wow, if Maple could watch TOto eat a mouthful of your Terrocotta Army Meatball Biscuits, she would be so envious! It looks really good :)

  2. @Maple momsy, I always steal TOto's biscuit too! At least it doesn't has that sourish floury taste of the normal usual store bought Biscuit. You should try it sometimes!