Sunday, March 13, 2011

SPRING @ Fortworth!

We drove one hour to fortworth for this funkyfinds event. It was rather dissappointing as the event was smaller than what we expected!
Nevertheless we paid the US$5.00 parking and just walk around!

After spending a few hours in fortworth we drove back and since we will pass by TOto's favourite dog park, we brought him in although he is VERY TIRED!
The weather is very good, and there are alot of dogs today!
There was this Giant German shepard doing some training right outside the dog park fence! And TOto was infatuated with the him! 
TOto want to run away with him!
And we come home to a very TIRED dog!
He was so tired, after his bath and meal, he just drop dead sleeping!


  1. What a great day out for TOto! I like the picture of TOto running alongside the German Shepherd - so cute :)

  2. I love it when they're sooooo tired. I enjoyed reading more about cute TOto on Bark.Happy.Days!

  3. @ Gus' dadddy, yeah when they are tired, I just feel that I have done my duty as a pawrents! And bottomline, we can eat dinner in peace hahaha~

    @Maple momsy, Toto always love playing with HUGE dog but he is always hurt by them, Hahha that is TOto's Love/Hate relationship with Huge dogs!