Friday, March 18, 2011

Mameee and Daddee Heart Pain!

I try to groom TOto recently and realised that there are 'thick' patches of fur that look ODD, and I wonder why? I realised the 'damage furs' are not growning outwards and instead are curling inwards!! And these 'damage' furs are growing thick; these broken furs should be pluck away for new growth but couldn't be pluck because they are curling in or broken!

I have to 'harden' my heart to pluck out all these damage curl furs! And I am left with these 'Bald' patches, hopefully they grow out soon! I have to keep reassuring TOto that mammeee is doing all these 'plucking' for TOto's skin health, bear with it!

These are the bald patches that are 'damage' by the groomer.
Pray hard, they grow back fast.
Alot of people are thinking that TOto has skin problem!

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