Monday, March 21, 2011

Our westie.TOto @ The Colony Shoreline Trail

We just found out this scenic trail a few weeks ago when we wanted to drove into Stewart Creek Park which charges like USD10 bucks for carpark and we refused to drive in.
But we found this trail which has a car park right outside Stewart Creek Park.

It was very SUNNY today and looking from the outside, I thought that the walk would be very shaded, but we are so wrong wrong WRONG! There was NO TREE!

These HUGE homes are just right by the lake, awesome!

TOto is so heated up, and he need to drink constantly!
By the time we reached this point, it is about 30 minutes walk, and we know TOto endurance is about maximum 1 hour walk; so we have to head back!
"No! TOto we cannot walk ON, we have to walk back to the car!"
When we reached the entrance, TOto is so relieve!
He found a shade, and almost drop dead!
Hahahaha ~
No worries, he is a strong and brave dog!
He will survive this Hot 1 hour trail ...
When we are going home, we drove by and stop at another park area!
We see people fishing in the small pond here.

It was really a Sunny, fine day to walkabout!
Mammeee so poor thing, have to be exposed under the hot hot sun for 1hours!

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