Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sleepy Weekend!

Daddee got a new hobby and was playing with it till 3am in the MORNING. Daddee didn't sleep, doggee refused to sleep too!
So doggee was waking and sleeping on his kuranda at the Patio ...
And waking again, while still waiting for daddeee ...
And we end up having a sleepy dog on Saturday which was a GREAT SUNNY DAY! But he is so tired, we just don't have the heart to drag him out! And he was sent to Daycamp on Sunday, he came back very tired too. So for the whole weekend, I have a very sleepy dog!
Look at how he slept with his paws crossed, hahaha~

It was really therapeutic to just stare at a sleeping dog, somehow I have this weird fascination with them sleeping and I will just stare and secretly smile!

Sounds so psychotic!

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  1. That's a cute little boat. It looks like TOto and his Daddee can spend some quality time taking the boat out on the lake.