Monday, March 21, 2011

A broken piece of trust ...

I thumped my chest, and assured Hubs TOto can stay at home alone without being crated; for a few hours allowing us to go grocery shopping. And we did exactly that and left for about 1.5 hour, with the TV switch on and Patio door left open. TOto was sleeping on the sofa when we came back.

TOto did fine, and we are so proud!!
It might be due to the long walk in the afternoon and he is tired!
Nevertheless we are happy about this small successful step!

And I tell myself I must remember to blog about TOto's achievement!

The night, I assured Hubs again," TOto can sleep in the living room by himself. He is a Big Boy now!"

And then in the morning, I hear a 'thud', I went out to check and didn't notice anything. I went back to bed, I call out to TOto and TOto didn't come in.

I complained to Hubs,"TOto is a big boy now, he don't even want to come into the room to greet me."

And when both of us wakey wakey, Hubs saw a broken piece from his Toy basket and we were so dissapointed with TOto. It is not just a broken piece of plastic.

It is a piece of broken trust.

That morning, Hubs left without reconciling with TOto. TOto refused to eat breakfast. He was very snuggly with me the whole day, he was so sad and depressed! TOto was sleeping everywhere and moping the whole day away. I cannot even cheer him up with my 'Mameee happy voice'!

I wonder did TOto regretted chewing that piece of plastic off?
Is TOto regretting, allowing his 'Dog instinct' taking over his 'rational' self.

It is so hard living in a human world!

TOto looking remorseful, even his terrier ear is flopping back ...
TOto, mameee still loves you no matter what!


  1. Awww...they can definitely pick up on our emotions and know when they've been scolded. Glad to read in your latest post that they made up. :)

  2. Yeah, the refusing of food and water feels like TOto letting us know, he knows he is wrong and he is punishing himself!