Saturday, February 26, 2011

Handstripping Question

Hi Tracie,

Sorry that I have to answer you here.
Yes I have read online about westies being handstripped after they are a few years old but it will take a longer time for the hard coat to grow out. It won't be easy but yes you can do that.
And my advice is to try it yourself first unless you 100% believe and trust your 'handstripper' or if you have the time to stand there and look at the groomer handstrip your dog; DIY to understand and experience the process first.

We sent TOto for 2 session of handstripping and in the end we realised that the 'PRO' didn't do a proper job and damage his coat, and now I am slowly trying out to grow out his coat. By using the Handstripping method, their fur has to be plucked from the ROOT. And if the Groomer is lazy and use the lazy method via Shedding Knife instead of the Mar Stripping knife, then the soft coat will be pull out and hard coat will be cut!

If you do not want to invest in a Mar Stripping Knife, a Pumice Stone works well too, especially with the soft coat at the neck! Some experienced YouTube's groomers only uses Baby powder and their FINGERS!
Me and hubs do alot of research online, and watched lots of youtubes video, before deciding to do it ourselves.Experienced it yourself first before sending them to the so-called EXPERT because you might not know if they are doing the correct job or NOT! It took 2 sessions for me to realised that the Professional Groomer didn't exactly Handstrip TOto and even use a scissor to CUT his skirt to create the line at the side! I was so pissed, and we wasted like USD120.00 for the 2 useless session, which I can use to get a Grooming table myself!

It took me 2 hours for the Shoulder, head and Neck by myself. And another 2 hours for his behind and back! Hubs says I am improving and moving faster and faster!! TOto's backside is so much smaller after the 'pluck pluck pluck'!
Handstripping is expensive and time consuming but they shed less and hard coat are so much easier to maintain because hard coat doesn't get dirty and they don't matt as easily too! If TOto starts to smell, we just have to rinse him with water and dry him with a towel, that is it! He be perfect after that; no shampoo and no blowdrying!

Thanks for reading and Good luck to you Tracie.

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