Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whinnneee whine whineeee

You know what, I know Toto so well. TOto always and I mean ALWAYS come complaining to me. And mommy would take action!

Pee Pee Urgent; Look at me WHINE
Want to play; Look at me WHINE
Hungry; Look at me WHINE!
Biscuit; LOOK AT ME WHINE!!!!

We wonder why TOto only whine at me, but my guess is 'ONLY, Mommy knows!'. Usually it is that few things, and when we have done what TOto need, he will be satisfied and be on his own; doing his own stuffs! There are always that different signs of his discomfort that we had take noticed. When he wants to pee, he will sit in a very awkward position or stop play in the middle of a fetch. And when he wants Biscuit, he will whine and look at the Biscuit Tin direction!! He saw SUNSET and think is time for DINNER; sometime Sunset here at 4pm! But Mommy Know BEST ...

AND PLUS, only mommy can make Daddy's ass move and bring TOto down for his potty session! So TOto knows WHO wears the pants at home!!

Daddy bringing TOto down for his last potty session @12.50am in -1 degrees Celcius.

TOto looking at me,"Mom playyyyyy; Hippooo also can, Leo also can!!!!"

TOto,"Nomm nommm nommmm...."

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