Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Westie TOto @ 1 Yrs 3 Weeks Old

  • He doesn't chew around the house anymore. Yipeee for me, I can place my stuffs anywhere! But we won't know what will happen if he is left ALONE at home!
  • Usually when only Mommy and TOto at home, he doesn't disturb me as much. TOto will do his own stuffs and me mine! But when Daddy come home, it will become a whiny, attention seeking puppy! Especially on the weekend, TOto will be so whiny, even if I am in the kitchen cooking! TOto thinks, weekend is FAMILY, and I shouldn't even COOK!
  • He has barked to warn us that the door is unlock for at least 4x! So is it just co-incident? We really wonder how will TOto know that the door is unlocked?
  • TOto is so tuned to our scheduled, he sometimes sleep at 3am and wake up at 11am!! THAT IS LATE for a DOG.
  • When TOto wants to PLAY, he will bring a TOY and bang it on your thigh! When Hubs bend down on the floor, TOto will be very excited and goes to his basket and starts CHOOSING his toy to play with. AND TOto usually have a mind of his own, and he will select what he wants to play with you!
  • In the morning, TOto DEMAND for Morning greeting by whining in the bedroom! And he only wants MOI attention. You see his tail wagging like mad when I greet him in the morning! Hubs' jealous because it is hubs who bring TOto down for the morning walk!!!
TOto is rather 'grouchy' when we are doing his video so his actions are very mechanical. When he is very happy, all the tricks that he does will look so different and happy! Anyway, for the record this is TOto @ 1years old!


  1. TOto is such a clever boy! Thanks for sharing your videos - Maple and I really enjoy watching them =)

  2. Thanks for the compliment, but we cannot let TOto hear that, hahaha. He will BIG HEAD!!