Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GOod day @ Dog Park!

We brought TOto to the Dogpark on Saturday and Sunday and I realised he didn't crave as much other dog's attention as he used to. TOto play and response to us more than he wants to find other dog for play! Maybe we brought him to Doggie Daycamp so frequently that he doesn't lack other doggy friends' attention!

When we ask TOto,'Where is Ball Ball, go get Ball ball!'. TOto will response by scanning the area visually for a tennis ball, and run to the nearest one to fetch one for us to play 'fetch' with him!

TOto playing 'Police catch Thieves' and oddly TOto loves to be the 'Thief'!
He LOVES being chased ...
COming back from Fetch!
Hugs from his Daddy!
TOto loves to play frisbee too! TOto manage to intercept 2 kids playing with frisbee in the dogpark. Luckily TOto didn't snatch the frisbee and ran away. Hahaha TOto goes snatch the frisbee and ran towards either his Daddy or Me! We have seen some dogs that 'steal' toys and just RUN AND RUN away, it is so embarassing for the owner!

Weather is getting better, we be frequenting the dog park now!

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