Friday, February 11, 2011

TOto ♥ my Home Baked Dog Biscuit!

A neighbour hear us speaking Mandarin to TOto and he exclaimed,
'TOto is billingual'!

We bought some Dog Biscuits for TOto recently, although it state as ALL NATURAL but the biscuit smelt so FLOURY. And I hate that smell! Unlike store bought biscuit, our own home-made biscuit smell nice! The Ratio of FLOUR to all other ingredient should be very high! Haha that why you cannot smelt other ingredient except 'FLOUR'!

Using the basic ingredient from Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Biscuits, this time round I added more ingredient; half apple, Carrot, 4 Salmon Oil capsule. Add abit of water if you cannot handle the dough or add more flour if the dough is too water. Dog biscuit unlike HUMAN biscuit has a HIGH TOLERANCE for error!
The apple are not chopped fine enough, hahaha.
The carrot, apple and banana are so OBVIOUS from the pictures!
But I have to bake Longer because of so much wet Ingredient used. I bake it @300 F for 30minutes and I flip and bake the bottom for another 10minutes @ 300F!
ALL natural, No perservatives, Salt or Sugar!
Hopefully this can last TOto for 2 weeks!
He ♥  it!

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