Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Dog is eating TOO FAST!

Recently TOto has been GULPING down his food so fast and within seconds everything is GONE! And already whining for 2nd helpings!! And this is such a bad habit, swallowing everything so fast means he didn't have time to digest and cannot feel the fullness from the meal. So we are out in the 'market' looking for some products to slow down his mealtime! There are the metal ball, the slow feeder bowl etc. We don't know whether such products work and they are NOT CHEAP so we DIY!

We used these OLD toys that came with TOto when we brought him home, and TOto doesn't play with them. And it WORKS, we wonder why TOto doesn't just bite them out. But while waiting for TOto to get clever, we just continue to use this! There are some other DIY recommendations online; and the next progressing deterrent we will be using will be a Campbell soup CAN!
It works, now he doesn't whine for seconds.
TOto has this habit of drinking water after his meal if he is FULL, from his meal and now he has gotten back to that habit!

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