Friday, January 21, 2011

Bad Grooming Experience

This is the 2nd time we went to the Groomer in Frisco, Texas and our first experience is a pleasant one. He look nicely handstripped, and he was trimmed proper. But this time round, once I was at the shop I find that there is something very wrong. There wasn't alot of handstripped being done; he still look messy, and his cuts were very off but I cannot tell what is wrong. But the initial findings were already very bad, alot of basic stuffs like the nail is not filed properly, the privates are not trimmed, the tail also not trimmed nicely, when I collected him there are still cut fur everywhere and even ear ear's fur are not shaved properly.

By the time I was at home, I was very pissed because TOto was not stripped MUCH and there was still lots of hardcoat that needed to be stripped but was not done. And worst of all, it only took the Groomer 70minutes in total. That shouldn't be, a thorough Handstripping in most places would that a good 2 hours because it still includes bath and nail cutting. In the evening, Hubs still have to waste time to do what the GROOMER should have done! FED UP, waste of $$$ and time.

See the Bald patch ...
When we called the shop, the 'Groomer' insist that there is nothing wrong and the lenght of the coat is uneven and that is natural and we have to wait for the fur to grow out. Forget it, even if they want us to bring TOto in to REDO, I won't do that. They might just TORTURE TOto!

In the end, I have to stripped Toto at home because it seems that TOto is still in a mess, and this is what I saw underneath the coat that I pluck out. Their soft coat is so thick, they shouldn't have such Bald patch!
The Groomer must have used the lazy way by use the shedding knife which will 'strip of the Soft coat and CUT off the Coarse coat'. This kind of method, you just have to COMB through the fur and it will pulls out the undercoat and the knife is so sharp, that is why the hard coat is being CUT off instead of being Pull off.

For WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER, we want to maintain the SOFT coat and PULL out the hard coat. Initially I still cannot figure out what happen because if TOto hard coat is removed, he should be white and fluffly. But what I saw are all his SKIN and alot of short beigey coarse short fur.
If the coat is handstripped properly, the fur should blend nicely in and not have such discrepancy as shown.
Anyway we are not sending Toto in anymore. We be getting a Grooming table soon, and do the weekly maintenance ourselves. TOto must have a tough time because if the Groomer is pulling out the soft coat, it must be very painful for him!

Heart pain ...
He is so traumatized today, he took out his turtle and use Turtle as his security pillow!
It has been so long since I see Toto doing that to TUrtle!
When we get TUrtle for TOto, they are almost the same size.
Hahaha now he is about 4x TUrtle size!!
My heart so pain, TOto is really so tired the next day!
Really cannot trust other people!


  1. Where did you take him? I have 2 westies and just moved to Frisco from Ohio and need a good westie groomer.

    Please leave me an email at

  2. Hi< I have dropped you a email.

  3. I found your page while looking for a westie groomer in Frisco. Did you ever find a good one?

    1. if your westies are clipped as per normal, i guessed the one near stonebriar at frisco is not too bad but our westie is handstripped and we have difficulty looking for one that does a traditional handstripped. So now we groomed TOto ourselves.