Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malaysia Man tortured helpless poodle

I am so angry, it is so heartwrenching to see this clip. Erm, the thing is I cannot even watch past the first 5minutes, and he is torturing the dog for a FULL15minutes!! The dog, named Sushi, was so frightened and weak, Sushi doesn't even have the strenght to move or fight back! When he falls off the hair stool a few time, Sushi just drop dead, and cannot even have the strenght to run away.

I really don't understand why they are doing this to the dog. Sushi belongs to the lady filming the clip, although she 'pitied' the dog but didn't make ANY move to HELP AT ALL; even though Sushi falls off right infront of her.

I just don't understand at all, I even forbid Hubs to teach TOto this trick because to me this pose is very unnatural, and bad for their hind legs!

The rumour is 'SUshi has pass away', RIP.

Hope the Malaysia Authority can do something about this to prevent other such abuse from happening ever again.

Power of Facebook unite and within a day they have trackdown the 2 evil-doers!

Photos of Doreen (Owner) and Sushi and the man who alledgedly tortured the dog but it seems like they have broken up.
Doreen and Sushi
This is the reason Sushi is being, spitted on, whacked and flung around.
Since Sushi is gone, she has gotten another puppy to torture!
I don't understand, each time I see this news; I just want to hug TOto and kiss him!


  1. I could not even watch the video. Not even having to glance at the mini shots on screen =( My uncle watched it and told us about it, just having Sushi to stand on both hind legs and torture it, is inhuman. I was not able to get over it emotionally until now. ='(

    I just hope that ass who tortured sushi will not get loose with just a fine of RM 200. He deserve some whipping. URgh!! This pisses me off.

    thanks for this post, least I know someone still cares about animals in Malaysia =)

  2. Hi Darlene,
    I guess not just M'sia hopefully Humans everywhere will treat dog with more respect.
    TOto's mommy