Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toto @ 11 months 3 weeks

TOto has learnt alot of manners ..

  • He used to keep scratching our feet and trying to jump up the table when we have dinner. But now TOto knows he have to lie down at the black mat to wait for treats when we have dinner. Now Toto will just lie down on the floor ...
  • When we open the door, he won't just rush downstairs, either he will wait for us at the door. If not he will walk out but when we call for him, he will come in again.
  • Now when TOto goes downstairs with Hubs, I just have to whistle from the patio Toto will be running madly and bring Hubs right back home.
  • When Toto reach home after his walk, he will walked directly into the Kitchen and wait for his wipes!
  • When we tell him, "Daddy mommy go out, 一下子回来." He knows he will not be going out and he will either rest on the sofa or be crated. This can also be used if YQ is going out alone, and he knows he won't be following, he will jump on the sofa with me.
  • When we mention the word,"Walk walk, he will JUMP up to attention from whatever he is doing!" Hahaha the best reaction is when he is sleeping, and he jump up looking blur blur!
  • We also teach him to go downstairs to 'Pee Pee ONLY' and after Pee-ing, he will run right upstairs. Unless he got to poop, he will refused to come up!
  • At night, he will sleep at our bed but when me and Hubs are sleeping soon, TOto will automatically goes down to his own bed, but will sneakily jump up again in the middle of the night when we both are sleeping ...
  • He will whine and look at the kitchen countertop for biscuit, whine and look into the kitchen for Kibbles, whine and either look at the bedroom or where we keep the leash to tell us that he want to go walk walk.
  • When TOto play fetch with us, he run halfway and stop; means he is 'Urgent' and need to Pee!
  • TOto will only come for me to whine for urgent stuffs; especially when he wants to Pee. I wonder why!?
In another one week, TOto is ONE YEAR OLD!!

P/S: I will update when I can remember more.

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