Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bark Bark Bark, Mom door not Lock!

Yesterday night, TOto is barking at our main door.
Some night when he is tired, he bark because he is being grouchy. And we always have to crate him to stop his grouchiness, and usually he will bark at our Patio door wanting to be let out.

But yesterday night, he should be very tired from Daycamp. He was sleeping in the room when he suddenly walked out and he started barking. I walked out to check it out, and he is barking at the MAIN DOOR which he seldom do UNLESS there are noises outside.

BUT GUESS what TOto is barking at the door because the dog is ajar and unlock.
Just Coincidence?
Right after I close the door and locked it he stop barking, sauntered into the bedroom and continue sleeping ...
TOto the 'Guard Dog', now he is taking over Dad's job of making sure the door is LOCK!

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