Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cost of a westie?

Sometime I wonder does TOto knows that he really has a good life!
Posting the Poodle's case has attracted alot of unwarranted attention to this blog. I didn't do it on purpose, I just hope it can get the attention it needed and get the Dog abuser soon. 

Anyway to 'EN', Toto aka my westie is not cheap. If one cannot afford to pay good money for a dog, it also meant they cannot afford to get a dog. And Pure Breed Westie are by no mean cheap, the price we paid for is already consider the 'cheaper' end because TOto parent are not AKC champion.

Price we paid for Toto - USD900+
First Puppy Consultation - USD200.00+
Initialy Buys (all necessities) - USD 400.00+

Initial layout is about USD1500.00++. This is still not including the Neutering operation fee that we paid. If money is an issue, PLEASE DO NOT get a dog. And not forgeting the injuries dogs always get, a visit to the Vet can easily cost USD70-USD$$$. Will you let your dog die if you cannot pay the Vet? And getting a 'cheap' dog, you might easily get a sickly one which will COST a BOMB to bring them to the vet for the frequent coughs and the cold!

Plus West Highland Terrier is one breed famous for their ALLERGY, so TOto eat the best kibbles and all his shampoo and treats are 'All Natural' which also mean more expensive.

West Highland terrier are one High maintenance dog because of their famous allergy. If you skimp on the food and treats, in the end you pay by going to the VET to cure the allergy!

Please DO NOT get a dog because you see other People dogs are so cute, we give TOto alot of TIME and ATTENTION too! When the weather is good, we bring TOto to the Dogpark about 3-4times a week. During Winter time, Toto get to go to a Doggy Daycamp 2-3x a week (USD18.00 each session)! At home, Toto has to be walk twice a day, once in the morning and once at night for his potty session.

When you don't have the time and attention for you dog, your dog will get depress and it WON'T be so CUTE when you get home. You just get ALOT Of mess at home (poop and pee everywhere) with a grouchy depress dog!

The cost of a West Highland Terrier, alot of $$$ and alot more of Time, Love and Energy!

There are alot of other lower maintenance dog to consider, but westie generally are high maintenance lot but if you can afford to maintain them, you can recoup the investment back by alot more times of what you have invested on them!!
TOto, mommy loves you!

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