Friday, January 7, 2011

Food and Poop - Anal Sacs / glands problem! Pt II

2013 AUGUST 08 - We decide to CONVERT TOto to RAW DIET, and as of now for about 3 months, we hasn't had any ANAL GLAND leaking issue (touchwood).

After months of experimenting when we start having this problem, we find out that the BEST solution to ANAL Gland or Sac problem.

  • Identify the problem.
  • Do not try to help your dog in expressing the anal gland. But hubby sometime did try to help by massaging externally hoping it would help it release the anal gland/sac fluid.
  • Remind your dog groomers, 'DO NOT help express anal gland!'
  • Get better quality food, low quality food that are not digested well, will only caused soft poop, ultimately leading to the problem.
  • Reduce food intake, overeating also caused undigested food so ...
  • Toto pooped twice a day, sometimes we just let him Poop once to have harder poop.
This few days we try to cheat TOto by giving him 1/4 cup of kibbles in the morning, and he actually accept it! If not, usually if he realised that he did not have enough food, he will sit at the kitchen floor whining!! (Now he accept it and is eating 1/4 in the morning and 2/4 at night.)

Haha and in the evening, he will give us HARD HARD POOP!

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