Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our westie TOto @ Level 1 Fun Xdog Agility Lesson 4

TOto doesn't seems to enjoy 'Agility' as much as we wants him to! When we mention the word to him; his eyes doesn't light up like the word 'Dog Park' or 'Walk walk'. He will gives you a 'Huh, ok' look and look away immediately! I hate to see TOto being pull about by his leash too. I guess if we want TOto to perform well and enjoy the game it has to be at our own pace and practises without distraction. In my opinion, I think TOto can sense Dadddeee itsy-bitsy annoyance or frustration and plus TOto is so condition to think that they are 'free-falling' treats everywhere, he just couldn't focus and concentrate on his 'Job'!

But when TOto gets to play with the gigantic 100+lbs Leonberger in class, he suddenly turns into a active happy puppy rolling about. We should start considering other 'Sports' for TOto.

Today's video has 2 part; 1st is his agility run through and 2nd part is how TOto play with a 100+lbs leonberger! This is the first time I have seen this breed of dog, and they are so GIGANTIC but so gentle. They looks like they are playing with hamster when they play with TOto, so funny!


  1. The more pawrents I see introducing their pupsters to agility, the more enthusiastic I feel about getting Maple started on it too! Looks like so much fun for both parties. I'm waiting for the Singapore Kennel Club to start their next Basic Agility Course. Unfortunately, we had to miss the last one because I was out-of-town. I hope I don't have to wait too much longer, otherwise it might just slip my mind (ack)!

    The last bit in your video had me chuckling - I love watching dogs play. And TOto really knows how to play!

  2. @Maple's momsie
    I tot TOto would love Agility but he doesn't like it one bit.

    TOto is just not focus enough. You can start training Maple how to just focus on you. TOto's focus is on the treats EVERYWHERE~!

    Maple would look so good doing Agility, I love the way poodle run and 'hop'!