Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Half Annual Bordetella Shot

TOto is now 1 year 8 months old weighing in at a healthy weight of 19.1lbs.
Vet says TOto has very clean ear and teeth.
Mammeee PLUCK TOto ears very often and washed them out. 
And we try to brush TOto as much as we can!
And Vet is impressed that TOto is allergy free!
Yup because we hand-stripped him and is very strict with his diet. But of course one day I wished to convert him to half home cook, and half kibble.
This is TOto Bordetella that is 'shot' through the nose!
And Mrs Vet remember TOto is the dog that doesn't bark, nip or bite.

TOto remember the vet too and was trying to HIDE his butt away from Mrs VET as much as he can! His tail was trying so hard to cover his butt-h*le! It was so funny! He remember all the 'worm' test that they do! All end well, and TOto is all ready for DAYCAMP everyday starting next week!
The clinic is infested with migrating birds today, so scary!
Next appointment will be in APRIL 2012.

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  1. TOto looks so shuai! I think if you can find the bow collar for him he will look even more handsome! ^^

    The BB shot here is annual leh, how come it's biannual there?