Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grand Opening of Frisco Dog Park

There are so many events this weekend in our area, but we have our errands to run in the afternoon, BUT we still manage to rush to this doggie event at the very last minute!

We have been waiting for Frisco Dog Park to open up for years, we thought this will be nearer to us! But in the end it is about the same distance as going to Lewisville Dog Park.

By the time we reached the park, most of the stalls are closing up. 
It's ok we are here to visit the dog park.
The Carpark area are close off for Stalls to be set up.
The new park is CLEAN and everything smell so 'fresh'.
There is a shaded area for the 'beans' to sit and it comes with tables too! I guess not long before the area will be VERY DIRTY with food and drinks thrown everywhere especially if the 'beans' are not automatic enough. BAD IDEA!! 
The park is not flat ground, it is sloped down; BAD idea number 2! Too much BLIND SPOT. 
Doggies' owner might not spot their dogs pooping or being naughty, if they just sit their ass in the shaded pavilion. And most owner DO THAT!
There are water pipes and water point, INSIDE the dogpark; BAD IDEA number 3! Usually these water area create all these puddles that make the ground MUDDY and DIRTY! Gosh, there this other westie was so dirty playing in the water, he become so dirty and muddy!! I still prefer the water point to be OUTSIDE the dogpark!

This is the dirty westie, hahaha; Jet.

We sat at the bottom of the park near some shade where alot of dogs are crowded here ...
Spot TOto minnie bag!
TOto enjoyed his stay here but I still prefer Lewisville dogpark; SIMPLE and CLEAN! The landscape of this park is really good but then I guess the 'bean' really think too much into 'designing' the dogpark but they didn't realise; DOGS, they really didn't need much, JUST EMPTY flat ground to run and play in! The landscape although pretty but too complicated for my liking!
I guess we won't be coming here very often!

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