Saturday, October 1, 2011

It all about TOto (Sat) Pt 3 - Westies GONE WILD @ Toyota Lewisville Dogpark

Yeah Part III!
We muster out last breath of energy to bring TOto to the DOGPARK. The weather is FANTASTIC-O, and it is a Saturday, we are 100% sure that the dogpark will be crowded!

And TOto become the 'STAR' once he stepped in, every doggies wants a piece of him and he was too overwhelm to play! Hahaha ~

In the end, the three of us was so dead TIRED!

He didn't even have the strength to open his eyes for the camera, and snuggled himself on this 3 layer-bed!

And I thought he wouldn't wake up for his 5am Guard-duty but he still WAKE up for it! 
It is really a long day for the 3 of us!

Counting down 2 more weeks to go home ...


  1. TOto good life... bed also 3 layers... haha...
    is your friend gonna take care of him while you in sg?

  2. The westies all look similar size, and they all look so small, TOto included!

    Must have been such a fun & tiring day for all 3 of you!

  3. @Alvina
    Haha ya la keep buying and buying in the end never use but when we layered it, he love them! Or maybe the weather recently colder!

    Yup same Mr K. But he will be in Las vegas for a weekend so TOto will be in Petsmart Boarding. But with daycamp, he will survive. Basically is Eat SLEEP PLAY POOP PEEP and SLEEP!

  4. @Eve,
    Haha I guess videos and pictures are so misleading. In the video, TOto is one of the Taller westie, the rest are shorter and stoutier! There is a back photo of TOto in the annual event, doesnt that back looks like Polar too keke ~

  5. TOto is lucky he has a trusted human friend like Mr K to care for him when you and your hubby are out of town. Ever since Maple joined us, we have had to go on separate vacations! Kind of sad, I know... We hope one day to find a responsible and reliable dog-sitter, but I'm such a worry wart so I don't know if there is someone who can fill those big shoes. Counting down to 2 weeks, eh? Pretty exciting!

  6. @Maple Momsie,
    ya we are lucky there is still Mr K. But we were very worried the first time round too but we have to 'harden' our heart. Still remember last year we went around town to check out all the different boarding place!!

    I think you will have to let Maple get use to the kennel or boarding place before you leave so when you are in Singapore just let Maple go around different boarding place to try it out. At least you know Maple's reaction when you bring her back again. That will show whether Maple is happy or just reluctant to go back!!

    Like how TOto just can't wait to go into Daycamp and ditches us hahaha! Plus when you go back to fetch Maple, she will remember you will come back to fetch her.

    If my hub has a choice, he won't want to go vacation anywhere without TOto.