Friday, October 7, 2011

Dog Park 'Pet' Peeves

There are so much itsy bitsy stuffs that one find annoying when in a dog park. Generally the most disgusting ones are not picking up poopsie after their dog!

And very high on my list next would be when a dog is so 'under-socialised', it will ask its Mommy to carry it when another dog approaches and the mother did just that! I am no expert but I feel that, that is the WRONG way to teach your dog on socialising. It always left TOto wanting to JUMP on the person to reach the dog which is in her arm!! In the end, the brat/no-manners dog become TOto! I mean c'mon, they just want to sniff each other butt, TOto is not going to chew its head off!

When TOto is still a puppy, we will squat down, hold on to TOto chest make him sit and let the other dog approach. And if the other dog is friendly, they will start to play. That is all to socialisation! Arrgh!

If you LOVE to just carry your dog in your hand KINDLY DO SO AT HOME! Dog Park is for doggies to run on the ground, socialise and mingle on a neutral fair ground; not to let them learn bad habit such as this!

Arrrrghhh ...

So the whole night, this lady is carrying the dog in her arm. When she sat on the bench, her dog is on the lap!

Or maybe I am just being abit bi'actchy that night!

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