Sunday, September 19, 2010

Toto the Westie @ The Colony Hawaiian Fall Dog Swim!

Before Summer end, alot of pool will open their pool for dogs before they are closed for the season! And we have missed quite a number of 'Dog Swim' event the last weekend because the weather is really TOO HOT to step out of our home, and finally 'The Hawaiian Fall' which is like a 5minute drive away is starting a Doggy Swim event! We can even see the Hawaiian Fall from my apartment!!  The ticket price is USD8.00 for adult staying in The Colony and USD5 for Dog!

We always hear people say 'Dog just naturally knows how to swim!', and we wonder out loud,' Do they?'.

Initially we are wondering 'How should we teach our dog to swim?'. At one point we even want to get him some Doggie safety swimming float vest!! Hahahaha ...

But all our worries are for nothing, when we walk into the water and because Toto wants to follow us so, after 2 or 3 skips when Toto start to panic and paddle he start to float and then swim!!

We can see he is not at ease in the water but he got used to it VERY FAST and was paddling up and down hahahaha ...

So funny, now we can tell OTHER people, 'No need to teach dog how to swim, they 'Naturally' will KNOW How to swim! Just throw them into the water!'
The event was from 1pm-5pm and we arrived rather early thus there were No Queue and the water was still very clean! At first we are wondering whether the pool was CHLORINATED but it wasn't. It was just plain water! So me and hubby had a great time, we both love swimming but hated the chlorine and the chlorine smell!
Very All American Home Video ~
Toto had a blast of a great time!


  1. This is awesome!! Do you know if they will host one this year? I want to meet Toto!! I live @ The Colony too with 4 dogs!

  2. Hihi,
    If possible we be going to all water event, TOto loves to swim!! Hope to see u too! So cool 4 dogs, I just hope I can have another for TOto! If you have a facebook account try to add 'Dogabouttown' they have all the news to the dog events around dallas!