Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pics Update @ 7mths!

Anecdote from the dog park :
There is a Australian Shepherd puppy by the name 'Milly' who has bonded with Toto and she plays with no other dog! SHE ONLY plays with Toto and Toto ONLY, and we are fine with it. Toto is a social butterfly in the dog park, he plays with ANY DOG!

Anyway the lady owner of the Australian Shepherd wants to pet Toto and was calling out to Toto's name. She was like calling out 'Toto Toto' for a good 2-3minute and there is NO RESPONSE from Toto!! It was AWKWARD because I was right next to that lady. It is like Toto doesn't response to his name! Like he is stupid or something hahaha ...

I don't know I was more embarrassed or her, I have to do something. I can only hope Toto respond when I call out.

Lucky for me:
1st call > Toto Looks BACK.
2nd Call > and Toto RAN ferociously back to me already! 'Phew', heng ar! Never let me down!

Koaz so lucky, if NOT, it will be EMBARRASSING!!

Toto is using my small pillow like a human!!
Hahaha again 'Got so bright or not?' Hiding his whole head in the pillow ...
Look so puppyish sleeping down there right! But my ball of fur is gone ...
Toto's nose skin is peeling, why got discolouration!!
Westie aren't lapdogs but there are still the rare moment! Toto's lapping on his daddy's lap!
So sweet right?
Their actions are sometimes so human-liked, you wonder are they DOG!?

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