Monday, September 13, 2010

@ Lewisville Railroad Park : Dog park Etiquette

When you go to a dog park, you really see ALL different kinda of people and dogs behavior. And we really see alot of 'crazy' dogs that bark and bark for no reason. Or dogs that only interact with their human buddy! And usually the 'crazy' dogs are the 'small dogs' like chihuahua or Maltese; small dog syndrome!! The worst types are the dogs that keep barking and wanting to FIERCE or hump every other dogs in the park!

We also get to see 'human being' overly protective of their dogs which defeat the purpose of bringing their dogs to a dog park to communicate with OTHER dogs!! And of course we will see alot of inconsiderate 'beings' who didn't pick up after their dogs or didn't bother to bring water for them. And that is the reason why we always bring ONE GALLON of water because usually by the time TOto wants to drink, it is finished by OTHER DOGS!

Anyway, we are lucky Toto didn't exhibit such negative behavior.
And usually Toto get praised alot ...

We do not know why but ...
  • Toto seldom bark even when he is being barked at or being fierce at, he will just look on and walk away ...
  • Toto allows everyone to drink from his bowl, he even has to QUEUE for his own bowl!
  • Toto give kisses to every dogs and human beings; sometimes he lick till the other dog is so wet!!
  • When recall, he will come back! It is very embarrassing to have to chase at  your dog for him to go home!
  • He doesn't snatch or even bite things that doesn't belongs to him ...

     But this one week, he has been very naughty and doesn't want to go home! We have to call for a few times and today we even threaten to leave him in the park BY HIMSELF before he want to come forward!
    Me and YQ is already in the car, to teach him a lesson! Hahaha he then walk to the front of the car, so scared we leave him there alone!!

    Anyway we are glad, Toto has such great temperament and temper!

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