Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chewed Wall and vomitted!

A few days ago Toto chewed WALL again! So we are very sure he chewed wall not because he is bored because we are right inside the bedroom sleeping! He is just being naughty and angry that we didn't want to wake up! This time round he has a very bad reaction, and vomitted on our bedsheet, and vomitted again and again in the Patio. He ended up vomitting some yellowish bile ...

We were so worried, he refused food and drink; and was so lethargic for the whole day! Even when he is resting in the crate, I have to keep moving him ot make sure he is still breathing and moving!! I hand fed him a biscuit in the evening, and that open up his apetite so he had some kibbles and water in his crate. When hubby came back in the evening, he is so much better. He can play abit but we can still see that he isn't as energetic and was wobbly in his jump.

But the good news is HE LOSE weight!! Hahahaha before this we are so worried of his weight because he is reaching 17lbs @7.5months and already has a small round belly! And we noticed that he isn't running as much or as fast! Gosh, he has become a ALL AMERICAN over-weight dog!

Anyway he become his normal self the next morning eating, drinking and jumping again! He lose almost 2lbs, now weighing a healthy 16lbs! And he can run longer and faster now.

After his neutering Op, we should have lessen his food but we didnt; that is another story altogether. But now we are feeding him about 11/4cup a day.

At the end of the day, he always want to hump and lick a soft toy head, and Hippo is his new love!
He always fall asleep this way!!
Hippo's nose is smelly with Toto's saliva!
But sometime he use Hippo as a pillow ...
Securtiy ALERT!! Security sleeping ON DUTY!
Doing a Zombie Dance in his sleep!?
He look so westie huh!
Looking so intensely being a busybody!
Such a busybody dog!

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