Thursday, July 26, 2012

TOto and breakfast!

This is TOto sitting beautifully waiting for his breakfast.

We never guess why he did that, he would sit a distance away in a very comfortable position looking intensely at me preparing his breakfast. The nearer he sat to the kitchen counter, the hungrier he is BUT he will never sit right at my feet. WE guess, the further away, the more he can see what I am doing on the kitchen counter.
His usual breakfast; 1/4cup of kibbles, a dash of Stella and chewy dried patty, a few scoop of Cottage cheese, his garlic pills and fish oil pills.
If I forget his Cottage Cheese, he will come forward to sniff and goes back to his original position to wait until I remember to top his 'precious' cottage cheese.
See how INTENSE he is, never turning away ...

Yeah he is very hungry today!
He came straight to the bowl without me 'inviting' him ...

After any meal, he would request for dessert ...
And this is TOto's new dessert!
This is how TOto request for his dessert with his pleading EYE's power!
And he knows he has to eat his biscuit on "mat mat".
But he very naughty, he is playing Cat and mouse with his treat!
He will play acting with the treat, tossing and running around with his it' for a few minutes.
He has to MAKE SURE his biscuit/treat is TOTALLY DEAD, before he gobble it down and ask for second, third and forth until mammeee shout, 'NO MORE'!

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