Friday, July 27, 2012

This is Y ...

... daddeee needs to GO WORK!

These are the main kibbles TOto is feeding on now : 
  • Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Orijen 6-Fish Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Dinner

And to keep them as FRESH as possible, we usually get the smaller packets.


  1. Hi,

    Love the blog of your Toto. :o) And yes, out Toto's are why our hubbies have to work! :P

    I recently modified Toto's diet, as he was less energetic than I would like him to be (being a service dog he has long days and is watching over me at night, too!)

    I used to feed high quality kibble with low grain content. I have now heavily reduced the kibble part of his diet and feeding a lot more raw meat.
    And he loves it! His stamina has also improved heaps.

    Easier to do if you have a backyard though. :o)

    1. Hi Toto-mum,
      Thanks for visiting ...
      Your Toto is such a handsome boy and clever too!

      There are reason we couldn't convert him to raw, hopefully in the near future we can convert him, but we are happy with his energy level now. We don't want him to be too energetic for our lifestyle haha!

  2. *waves*
    Love your lil "Toadster"

    My lil one went to bed hours ago. *sigh*
    But then, it's almost midnight here.
    My Toto has got to be the most placid terrier in the world!
    Had to carry him to the car last night, cause we were attending a lecture (and he passes out at around 8pm)

    So I didn't take him to class tonight (We usually go to class on Mon & Tue night, and Wed & Sun morning. And sometimes Thurs night)
    We did 4 short training sessions through the day though, so skipping tonight was okay (plus it's winter here and nights are a bit cold!)

    And my Toto is extremely underwhelmed by cold and frosty ground, does not like to work in the sumer heat and and _HATES_ rain. He likes water and swimming, but he's really funny about rain.

    How about your Toto?
    Not fusssed about the weather, or a big wuss, too? :o)

    1. @Toto-mum, we got alot of comments about TOto being such a calm terrier too!

      TOto is a TOTAL Momma's boy! Just last night, we brought him down for his last potty and he refused to pee and refused to walk home and just sat on the pavement staring at us. But when I say 'mommy carry ok?', he ran all the way over and wants me to carry him BACK HOME!

      Texas is VERY HOT now! TOto loves the snow, and loves jumping in and out of the snow! but we have very short period of winter and sometimes it doesn't even snow! TOto is a total wuss with weather too! Too cold he fights the heater with me and if the weather is TOO HOT, you see him sleep the whole day away!!

      HAHA TOto hates the rain too, if its rain he refused to POTTY! So we always have to rushed him down before it starts to rain!!!

      They seems to have such similar characteristic, keke ~

  3. LOL!

    It must be the name.... I swear.......
    We live in Australia (which most people think is hot allover), but Canberra is actually high in the mountains.

    Tuesday night I we had a "mock-trial" (a pretend obedience competition, where everything is set up like a real competition, and with actual tips and feedbacks from the judge):
    For the stays I had put 3 coats (!!!) on him. But in the down-stay he sat up after like 5 seconds, whinging. Nope, cold grass..... not gonna lie down!
    He suffered through 2mins30secs, and was whinging miserably, and pretend-shivering (he had 3 coats on, one of them a thermal undercoat, one of them a warm winter coat, and a sweater in between!).

    But when I picked him up, cradled him in my arms inside my fleece jackets with his head sticking out the top, THEN he was okay.

    Total and utter mama's boy!

    And he really fakes discomfort or pain: Last week I stepped on his front right paw. And he was limping on the back left paw......

    Toto so far loves his raw meat stuff much more than kibble. Slowly getting to a Raw-Meaty-Bone diet. There is a Facebook group - DISCLAIMER: some of the images there are graphic.
    They believe in feeding chunks of animals, including tendons, feather, fur etc. - think my Toto might love that. He enjoys dismembering the mice our cat fetches (she would never ever eat a mouse!)
    I got quite a few useful tips and hints from that group - but people there are extremely passionate.
    And I don't see myself chucking a goathead in the backyard......
    I think I rather stick with "unrecognizable" bits of meat for now

    1. @Toto-mum, I agree it must be the name, hahaha!

      I would love to feed BARF, but then because there will always be a month or sometime when we have to drop him with a friend or kennel (we go back to SIngapore once a year for a month) so we are afraid that by then TOto would refused kibbles and then we would inconvenience our friend. Hopefully when I go back to SG for good, I can do that then ...